deltaTest v1.0.1: Noble Eagle

This morning EDF released deltaTest v1.0.1, code-named Noble Eagle.

This is primarily a stabilization release. We fixed a few bugs and rationalized a few processes, so the release is definitely worth having, but moving to this release should be very simple.

Note that this will be the last deltaTest release to exploit the Windows Registry for local installs! Developers often don’t have local admin permissions in enterprise environments, so while exploiting the Registry was convenient, it created an undesirable support load from those users.

Beginning with the next release (v2.0.0), deltaTest will store local settings in a local config file instead. We will still use one PATH variable, whose purpose will be to store the location of that config file, so the local install will still require local admin privileges… but changing local settings (like the target test environment) will not. Upgrading will require a minor alteration to the first line of every existing test, hence the new major version number.

Installation & Upgrade

The source for this release on GitHub is on master branch tag v1.0.1. For new installations, simply follow these Getting Started instructions.

To upgrade from any lower version—at this point meaning from v1.0.0—just open a Git BASH prompt from your shared deltaTest repo clone and run this command:

git checkout v1.0.1

Release Contents

  • Added unblock.ps1 script & HelloWorld test.
  • Updated Show-Execution cmdlet to make Result param optional.
  • Fixed defect where installer could not see registry NoInput value.
  • Updated scripts to read Registry items from HKLM instead of HKCU.
  • Updated script links to use %deltaTest% location.
  • Fixed defect where installer writes to WinReg HKLM instead of HKCU.
  • Fixed bug where -ConfigurableParams arg was not working in Invoke-MedmComponent.
  • Switched Registry key from EnterpriseTestFoundation to EnterpriseDataFoundation.
  • Updated HelloWorld test.
  • Fixed bug where blank CSV cells were imported as empty strings instead of NULL values.
  • Eliminated extra cols in Results.txt.
  • Eliminated debugging code.
  • Fixed defect where some cmdlets used the server name instead of the DB name.
  • Added cmdlet Invoke-deltaTest & rationalized config template.
  • Updated documentation.

We will all admit to a certain satisfaction in moving off the 1.0.0 Hello World mark. 😎

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