Enterprise Data Foundation (EDF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of an enterprise data toolkit. It is a self-sustaining organization that provides its organizational users with high-quality tools that actually work.

Data Management development teams tend to be stalled halfway between agile and waterfall workflows. They get the iterative concept of agile, but their tools are so cumbersome that iterations come at a hefty price and are largely manual, costing even more in time and manpower.

These development teams need basic enabling technology: efficient unit testing, automated refreshes, and automated deployment. EDF has developed a set of tools that solve this problem for free, aside from generous donations from the developers and organizations that utilize them. deltaTools, EDF’s flagship toolkit, provides a complete Agile DevOps pipeline that is optimized for data management.

EDF’s tools are built BY Data Management developers, FOR Data Management developers. As an open-source toolset, each piece is designed to solve real pain points of developers and, in turn, of the organizations they serve.