deltaTest is a unique unit testing framework aimed directly at Data Management implementations and platforms that are intrinsically hard to test. deltaTest is agnostic as to test inputs, process, and outputs: if it can be invoked from a Windows command line, deltaTest can test it at the push of a button.

deltaTest works in conjunction with deltaRefresh and deltaDeploy to deliver a robust, open-source DevOps pipeline that facilitates Test Driven Development, automated regression testing, and Continuous Delivery across your team... at zero cost!

With deltaTest, you can...

  • Author declarative tests in a PowerShell-based, universal unit-testing framework.
  • Apply Test-Driven Development and automated regression testing to anything.
  • Write better code faster & put fewer defects into production.
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Meet the rest of the deltaTools family...

deltaRefresh lays the foundation for complex deployments and isolated destructive testing.

  • Automates the environment refresh process.
  • Allows developers to expedite releases with confidence.
  • Prevents unnecessary breaks in productivity.

deltaDeploy completes the pipeline, deploying tested and trusted code to production in minutes, not months!

  • Integrates with deltaRefresh to refresh data across environments automatically.
  • Integrates with deltaTest to deploy changes automatically.
  • Keep your Data Management project moving forward with true Continuous Delivery!