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Welcome to deltaTest!

deltaTest is an open-source, PowerShell-based testing framework. It is designed to automate the testing of complex software systems (like Enterprise Data Management systems) that normally resist efficient test automation.

deltaTest currently supports the Markit Enterprise Data Management platform, but can easily be adapted to support testing of any platform of any kind that meets the following prerequisites:

  • Its processes can be invoked from the Windows command line.
  • Their outputs can be read as text files or as queries against a SQL Server database.

Other features:

  • Tests are expressed as short PowerShell scripts, which live in your version control repository and travel with your code.
  • Tests can be shared and executed across an entire development team and in multiple environments.
  • Test results are output as simple text files. Once a test result is certified, any difference against the certified result indicates a test failure.
  • Test failure optionally invokes a text comparison engine (WinMerge, by default) to visualize the diff as a very useful troubleshooting aid.
  • Tests can be invoked from other scripts and test results can be piped to other processes to support automated regression testing and continuous delivery.