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This is the most commonly used script in deltaTest. Its purpose is to create a certified copy of a test result file. It does this by creating a copy of the file, with “.certified” inserted between the file name and extension.

For example, Result.txt would generate Result.certified.txt.

This script will normally be invoked during the process of test-driven development, by manually dropping a test result file onto the +CERTIFY shortcut. It can also be invoked via script using the syntax below.

Note that the shortcut may be copied to any convenient location (i.e. the Desktop) without any loss of function.


Path*File to be certified. Relative paths will be resolved relative to the current directory.

Example: -Path "Result.txt"


$cmd = "$env:deltaTestShared\Resources\PS\certify.ps1"
$args = @("-Path", "\\FileShare\Tests\MyTest\Result.txt")

& "$cmd $args"