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This is the deltaTest local installation script.

To install deltaTest manually on your local machine, simply double-click the +INSTALL shortcut and follow the prompts.

To install deltaTest programmatically, execute the underlying script using the syntax and parameters described below.

Either way, the script writes a configuration file with local overrides to the shared configurations expressed in deltaTest shared repository file shared_config.psd1.

Also note that, in either case, you must have local administrative privileges on the system in question.


LocalDirFile to be certified. Relative paths will be resolved relative to the current directory.

Example: -Path "Result.txt"
NoInputIndicates whether processes should run without user interaction.

Example: -NoInput $false
ActiveEnvironmentIndicates the environment against which processes should run. Environments are defined in the shared config file.

Example: -ActiveEnvironment "DEV"
ProcessAgentPathSpecifies the path to the local process agent executable.

Example: -ProcessAgentPath "C:\Program Files\Markit Group\Markit EDM_18_2_12_1\CadisProcessAgent.exe"


$cmd = "$env:deltaTestShared\Resources\PS\install.ps1"

$args = @("LocalDir", "C:\deltaTest")
$args += ("NoInput", $true)
$args += ("ActiveEnvironment", "DEV")
$args += ("ProcessAgentPath", "C:\Program Files\Markit Group\Markit EDM_18_2_12_1\CadisProcessAgent.exe")

& "$cmd $args"