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Double-click on the +LOCAL shortcut to launch the Local Configuration Manager, or call the underlying script as described below.

Either way, this script gives developers and DevOps engineers the ability to customize deltaTest to reflect their unique system configurations and switch seamlessly between testing environments.


NoInputif $true, test execution proceeds without user input or diff visualization. Use to enable unattended, automated testing.

Example: -NoInput $false
ActiveEnvironmentIndicates the environment against which processes should run. Must be one of those specified in the deltaTest shared repository file shared_config.psd1.

Example: -ActiveEnvironment "DEV"
ProcessAgentPathThe full path to CadisProcessAgent.exe. Use if Markit EDM is installed locally in a non-default directory.

Example: -ProcessAgentPath "C:\Program Files\Markit Group\Markit EDM_18_2_12_1\CadisProcessAgent.exe"
TextDiffExePath to text differencing engine executable. Supports non-default WinMerge installations as well as other text differencing engines.

Example: -TextDiffExe "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe"
TextDiffParamsText differencing engine command line params, expressed as a string array. {{CurrentResult}} and {{CertifiedResult}} will be replaced by the appropriate paths at run time.

Example: -TextDiffParams @("/e", "/s", "/u", "/wl", "/wr", "/dl", "Current Result", "/dr", "Certified Result", "{{CurrentResult}}", "{{CertifiedResult}}")
InteractiveIndicates whether this script will take user input interactively or apply its parameters and complete execution with no interaction.

Example: -Interactive


Note that this example uses all parameters for the sake of illustration. In practice, the following parameters would only be included to override a shared setting from deltaTest shared repository file shared_config.psd1:

  • NoInput
  • ActiveEnvironment
  • ProcessAgentPath
  • TextDiffExe
  • TextDiffParams
$cmd = "$env:deltaTestShared\Resources\PS\local.ps1"

$args = @("LocalDir", "C:\deltaTest")
$args += ("NoInput", $true)
$args += ("ActiveEnvironment", "DEV")
$args += ("ProcessAgentPath", "C:\Program Files\Markit Group\Markit EDM_18_2_12_1\CadisProcessAgent.exe")
$args += ("TextDiffExe", "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge\WinMergeU.exe")
$args += ("TextDiffParams", @("/e", "/s", "/u", "/wl", "/wr", "/dl", "Current Result", "/dr", "Certified Result", "{{CurrentResult}}", "{{CertifiedResult}}"))

& "$cmd $args"