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Microsoft Windows in enterprise environments will often block script files downloaded from the Internet, rendering them impossible to execute. Since deltaTest is largely composed of script files downloaded from the Internet, this can be a problem.

This script will self-elevate and recursively unblock any files within its own directory or below. To run the script on the local deltaTest repository, just double-click the +UNBLOCK shortcut in the shared deltaTest repository. To run it manually on a different directory, just drag the directory from your desktop and drop it on the +UNBLOCK shortcut!

The unblock operation can also be scripted using the syntax below.

This shortcut is portable. Place it anywhere convenient on the local machine.


PathDirectory of files to unblock. Relative paths will be resolved relative to the current directory.

Default: $PSScriptRoot

Example: -Path "\\SharedFiles\Tests"


$cmd = "$env:deltaTestShared\Resources\PS\unblock.ps1"
$args = @("-Path", "\\FileShare\Downloads")

& "$cmd $args"